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Poszukiwani Admini i Programisci

Największa scena Sensible Soccer czyli SensibleSoccer.de poszukuje chętnych i ambitnych Administratorów którzy zajeliby się sceną Sensible.

Także potrzebni są programiści języków "przeglądarkowych" którzy stworzyliby cały witrynę społecznościową SWOSa. Cały apel jest zawarty w poniżej. Niestety w języku angielskim, który jest obowiązkowy przy współpracy w międzynarodowej grupie ludzi.

Dear Members, There important Topics I have to talk about! 1) New Admins needed Many old admins have retired. But I think, thats normal, because live goes on. Family and Job needs more and more time. I got the same problems. So now we need some new community experienced admins. Some people have mailed me, and some will get some rights. ASL Season did not started yet. But this season takes two months, so there is enough time to play ;) I am really sorry about that fact ! Mail to community@elmichaj.de with subject "Admin" 2) New Website should be Open Source Community Four years of coding by me and no (visible) result. It is time to change the process. I dont get it to code it all alone. I need coding skills and i need time. But i havent both enough. I need more help from other coders, who wants to learn some skills and how to work in team. There will be no money, but a lot of fun and experience for you, last but not least: SWOS HONOR! The community should be open for other gamers like KickOff players, too. Same System and accounts, other Skin or Design! So I need Coders fpr PHP and maybe JAVA or RUBY. My Task will be to specify all Features in a Ticketsystem, which we need to work. SVN is available too. Main Language is English. Mail to community@elmichaj.de with subject "Coder" or Skype me "elmichaj" Lets do an evolution of SWOS!

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